Why Choose a Bespoke Service?

The journey to your finished ring is going to be a special experience. We take pride in going above and beyond for our customers by providing transparency every step of the way.

Our talented in house gemmologist and diamond specialist will provide informative and educational knowledge of diamond and gemstone qualities to ensure the stone you choose is the perfect one for you and your preferred budget.

Bespoke is a personal service and our aim is to make your ring one that symbolises both your personality and your relationship.

One of the most common misconceptions of a personalised service is that the prices are higher than buying a ready-made piece of jewellery, this however is not the case. We can work with any budget above £1,000 and you can trust that we have your value for money in mind.



Step One

Contact us via email, WhatsApp or social media with an idea or inspiration images that you have seen, a brief description of yourself or your partner and their style/tastes along with your price range.

Our bespoke specialist will then translate your ideas into a few initial designs for your feedback.


Step Two

Our in house gemmologist will then go through your choices of our 100% recycled metals and then guide you through choosing your stones.

Shapes, qualities and sizes will be explained so we can personally select one from our inventory of ethically sourced diamonds or lab diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Once we have chosen your diamond we will then build the design around the stones measurements.


Step Three

Once you have chosen an initial design we will provide you with some CAD/CAM images and videos of your chosen setting, this will be your opportunity to request any amendments until you are happy to go ahead and create a resin sample of your ring.


Step Four

The manufacturing process begins by having a wax castings made to be sure of the integrity of the design.

Once we have your approval of the sample we will create your engagement ring in your chosen metal and our talented workshop jewellers will set it with the stones we have selected for you.


Step Five

Now your engagement ring is ready we can add some personalisation! Let us know if you would like an engraving or a birthstone set into the band etc.

Your ring is completed and is packaged up with your diamond certificate and will be securely and discreetly delivered to your chosen address using a fully insured next day service.

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